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Customized Reference Manual of Excellent Documents

For those clients that want a permanent teaching tool available in-house, LAWriters will create a manual of excellent writing examples that reflects the full array of memos, briefs, etc., that your attorneys produce. We start by conferring with senior staff to develop a list of all the types of documents that the office produces. The office then submits to LAWriters several examples in each category. From those examples, our staff identifies those best suited for further editing and inclusion in the manual. We then revise the selected documents in a two-column format with the document's text in the left-hand column and commentary describing the superior writing aspects of the particular document in the right-hand column. In addition to the annotated examples, the manual would also include material LAWriters has developed that describes the purpose of the manual and the basic principles and techniques of effective writing that all the examples reflect.

With a Customized Reference Manual of Excellent Documents, your lawyers will have in their hands a unique firm or office-specific resource that can have an ongoing, positive impact.

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