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To round out our writing skills programs, LAWriters offers Get It Write seminars to help writers avoid costly tactical and surface errors that undermine their credibility and weaken the impact of their ideas. These courses provide information essential for anyone who handles documents representing your firm, agency, or court. We offer two categories of Get It Write courses, or can customize one to fit your needs:

The Essentials Of English Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage

Although most of us have a pretty good grasp of the basics of English, our Get It Write courses regularly surprise attorneys

and legal staff regarding how much about grammar, mechanics, and usage they have been misusing or don't know. This

flexible set of courses can polish anyone's prose to a high sheen.

The GET IT WRITE seminars include two- and three-hour sessions designed to strengthen any writer's skills in

English grammar, mechanics, and usage, including:

- Pronoun Case (Approximate length: 2 hours)

- Word Confusion (Approximate length: 2 hours)

- Agreement Issues (Approximate length: 3 hours)

- Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers (Approximate length: 2 hours)

- Comma Usage (Approximate length: 3 hours)

- Punctuation and Mechanics (Approximate length: 3 hours)

Business Letters and Memos

By weaving together participants' writing samples, this course addresses each person's specific business memo and letter

writing concerns. It is customized to meet the writing needs of your associates, paralegals, and legal secretaries by

using actual letters and memos from your firm.

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