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The most effective form of writing instruction is in-depth feedback on one's own work product. Yet lawyers and non-lawyer legal professionals rarely get it, and writing programs rarely offer any effective means to provide it. LAWriters, in contrast, fills this gap with a systematic and focused program of personalized instruction.

Content and Method

Detailed Feedback: These one-on-one sessions focus entirely on a participant's own writing. Samples are usually limited to about 15 pages but can be of any kind--memos, briefs, letters.The sessions are scheduled for at least a full hour and can be offered in two ways. One way is for participants to schedule a session at their convenience. Although a face-to-face meeting is always optimal, these independently-scheduled feedback sessions can also be held over the phone or via online video conferencing.A second way to schedule feedback sessions is for a LAWriters specialist to come to the office and conduct up to eight individual sessions during that day. We encourage those people who sign up for a session to submit documents to us in advance. At the same time, the flexibility of this second option allows people to sign up as walk-ins. Attorneys on the run can still get answers to their writing questions and get instant feedback on any document they bring with them.Written Commentary: To reinforce the session's feedback, a written commentary can be prepared for each document submitted in advance, which allows us to get detailed comments and revisions in the writer's hands before we meet. The commentary describes a document's writing strengths and weakness. But more than just a litany of writing tips or theory, our comments directly integrate LAWriters principles and techniques of effective writing with concrete revisions that show those principles and techniques in action. Rather than simply make changes to the document, we always explain how our edits strengthen the writing's effectiveness. The depth and breadth of the commentary depends on the program the agency chooses: they can be the product of a quick review or as much as fourteen hours of analysis.Immediate Consultation: If any IPF participant wants feedback that can be incorporated into a current project, LAWriters offers constructive consultation within twenty-four to forty-eight hours . Although not as in-depth as a typical IPF session, this service can uncover analytical and structural problems before a document is submitted to a court, given to a legislator, or sent to a client.


These individual sessions are usually about one hour in length, although that can be varied as time and budgets dictate.For law firms or offices with multiple participants in this feedback process, these sessions can be scheduled either separately and independently for each person, or they can be scheduled together as a series over the days necessary to cover the entire group. Ordinarily, eight to ten sessions can be scheduled for a single day.

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