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Effective Writing and Editing Presentations

We offer five types of effective writing presentations, or can customize one to fit your needs:

Advanced Legal Writing And Editing. By explaining and demonstrating practical principles and techniques, this program provides the keys to strong and effective communication, no matter how complex the topic or difficult the audience. Writing to Persuade. Readers are not persuaded through writing gimmicks. Instead, moving a reader in your direction requires a deeper appreciation of the elements of modern rhetoric theory how to apply them.Managing the Writing of Others: Partner and Supervisor Editing Skills. No matter how skilled a supervising attorney might be as a writer, teaching others to reach that same skill level is its own challenge. This program demonstrates how to develop superior editing and feedback skills.Judicial Opinion Writing and Editing. This presentation thoroughly but succinctly explains the fundamental principles of expository writing, and then demonstrates through numerous examples drawn from actual judicial opinions and attorney work product. Contract Drafting: Translating the Business Deal into Legal Form. Because the reasoning process used in drafting a contract is different from the one used in writing an expository document, transaction lawyers need to understand how to translate the economics of the business deal into legal principles, and then into contract provisions.

Small Group Skills Practice Workshops

The methods developed in the large-audience presentations are mastered more quickly and effectively by giving participants an opportunity to apply them to writing samples in small-group settings that permit detailed, and guided, discussions.

Get It Write Courses

We offer two types of Get It Write courses, or can customize one to fit your needs.

The Essentials Of English Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage. Although most of us have a pretty good grasp of the basics of English, our Get It Write courses regularly surprise attorneys and legal staff regarding how much about grammar, mechanics, and usage they don't know. This flexible set of courses can polish anyone's prose to a high sheen. Business Letters and Memos. By weaving together participants' writing samples, this course addresses each person's specific memo and letter writing concerns.

One-On-One Personal Feedback

The full benefits of our writing and editing methods are most fully realized through one-on-one conversations that allow writers to participate in strengthening their own work.

Customized Reference Manual of Excellent Documents

This is the ultimate in-house reference: a manual of edited and annotated documents from the firm's or agency's files that cover the full range of legal documents your attorneys write. Each piece is revised to make it an excellent example and is accompanied by commentary that explains its strengths.

Programs Overview

LAWriters offers a range of training modules that can be combined in various ways to allow you to control the type, focus, and cost of any training program. Any of these modules can be customized further--for example, by including your firm's or office's own work as examples and exercises--to meet your specific training goals. Prices for each component are available upon request or as part of a specifically designed training proposal.

We recommend that training begin with the presentations described below, and then include smaller-scale components as time and budgets will allow. Click on any of the program titles below to learn more.


Programs Overview

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