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Timothy Terrell is one of the best instructors on writing that I've ever heard--maybe the best. His oral and written presentations implemented the very "secrets" that he advocated. I'll take any programs he offers in the future.

- Participant Survey

Professor Timothy Terrell is, hands down, one of the nation's top legal writing instructors. Tim has taught many courses for ALI-ABA CLE over the past 20+ years. He's always well-prepared, engaging, and highly rated by our customers. I heartily recommend Professor Terrell to all law offices that are looking to improve the legal writing of their professionals.

- Nancy A. Kane, Director of Courses of Study, ALI-ABA CLE

Mr. Salatti worked with us to develop a two-day seminar for all 33 judges, and he adapted his persuasive writing course to our needs. It was a very effective program. The best aspect of the LAW|riters program is its flexibility. Mr. Salatti does an excellent job of tailoring his program to the needs of the institution.

- Paul B. Handy, Administrative Law

Judge/Co-Director of Training, D.C.

Office of Administrative Hearings

It is my pleasure to recommend LAWriters as a trainer on legal writing, grammar, mechanics and usage. John Salatti and Nancy Tuten are true experts and OAG enjoys working with them. OAG is fortunate to have discovered such great trainers.

- Nadine Wilburn, Chief Counsel,

Personnel, Labor and Employment

Division, District of Columbia Office of

Attorney General

This is one of the best CLE's I have ever participated in, live or via webcast. I have already developed strong writing skills yet I have found several gems in this program to use to improve my skills.


Excellent course presented in an excellent fashion by Timothy Terrell. One of the best CLE courses I have ever attended.

- New York City Bar

Thanks so much for taking the time to offer constructive criticism on our writing sample. I realize that without your helpful suggestions, we would have had no hope for change.

- Anita S. McCrossen, ALJ, Louisiana Division of Administrative Law

He presented an exceptional program to the administrative law judges and staff attorneys in my office...I wish only that the course could have been longer. He clearly loves what he does, his course is energetic and engaging.

- DC Courts Center

We have used LAW|riters several times in Texas-they are always enthusiastically received. The judges and court support staff love their programs and always give them the highest of ratings. I would without hesitation recommend them.

- Mari Kay Bickett, JD, Executive Director, Texas

Center for the Judiciary, Austin, Texas

This was the most informative course I have ever taken.

-South Carolina Department of Transportation

Mr. Terrell's writing seminar was the most entertaining, brilliant, relevant and valuable seminar I have attended. I wish I had been exposed to his ideas earlier in my career. I think that his seminar should be required for all court attorneys after a year or so of court writing experience, as it helps to have some writing experience to appreciate his ideas.

- California Court of Appeals

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With pleasure I recommend John Salatti with LAWriters to you for a legal writing program. I wish only that the course could have been longer. Mr. Salatti clearly loves what he does; his course is energetic and engaging. Under his tutelage, we can all become better writers.

- Margaret A. Mangan, Administrative Law Judge, D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings